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Monument Resources LLC  launched in March of 2014 when three Oil and Gas Professionals joined forces to develop a partnership that brings excellence to ALL levels of the Oil and Gas Industry.




Following in the footsteps of his father, A.F. "Sarge" Sturrock, a landman with more than 60 years in the business, Bert became a landman at a very early age.  Now himself with more than 40 years experience, Bert has become a well versed land professional.  His hands-on understanding of every phase of the industry makes him a mentor and team leader at Monument Resources LLC.


Bert's knowledge and experience to lead any client from a leasehold check to the production line are enviable.  The strength and wide ranging expertise Bert brings to Monument Resources LLC are second to none.




Lisa's multi-faceted career as a landman, bank vice president and college instructor serve Monument Resources well.  As a community leader with long family ties with the petroleum industry, Lisa launched her career as an independent landman in 2002.  During that time she has been instrumental in building valuable asset bases for several large oil and gas companies, as well as running crews and serving as liaison with clients.


Lisa earned her Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences, graduating magna cum laude and her Masters of Arts degrees at the University of Texas at Tyler.  She also obtained her RL, RPL and CPL certifications and is a member of AAPL, ETAPL and HAPL. 


Her education, experience, leadership abilities and willingness to go the extra mile for her clients make her a valuable asset to Monument Resources LLC.




Precise, Innovative and Professional...that describes TJ Shafer.  TJ  has worked with several of the Nation's top Oil and Gas Companies providing Landwork and Mapping second to none.  Since becoming a partner at Monument Resources LLC he has led a team of mapping professionals in the development of Monument's flagship mapping capabilities labeled as "GIS Elite". 


Proving himself as a valuable asset to Monument Resources LLC, TJ has developed the Precision of landwork with today's Innovation to deliver exceptional quality to our clients in a Professional manner.


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