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Founded in 2014, Monument Resources LLC sprang forth from a collaboration among two Oil and Gas Professionals in Longview, TX. United through a shared vision and a fervent commitment to industry excellence, these minds harnessed their expertise to establish a partnership that spans the entire spectrum of the Oil and Gas Industry throughout Texas and the surrounding states.

With a combined experience that spans decades, our founders recognized the industry's need for a new kind of solution. A solution that caters to every part of the Oil and Gas landscape. They had a clear vision: to create a powerhouse that would not only address the conventional needs of the industry but elevate it to new heights of efficiency and accuracy.

What truly sets Monument Resources LLC apart is our people. Our team is not just a collection of professionals. We're a family of experts fueled by helping our clients succeed.

As we continue to carve our path through the industry landscape, we stand strong on the foundation of our values: precision, innovation, collaboration, and trust. With each project we tackle and each milestone we reach, we reaffirm our commitment to these principles.

Welcome to Monument Resources LLC. Every day, we redefine what's possible in the Oil and Gas Industry.

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Lisa Castleberry, Owner , and TJ Shafer, Owner. 

Leadership Team

We Are Monument

Monument Resources LLC prides itself in having an incredible leadership team. These Oil and Gas professionals lead Monument and the Oil and Gas industry. They do this by breaking the traditional role of a landman and implementing innovative solutions.